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Texas Life Insurance Coverage

Life Insurance in Central Texas

Everyone should have life insurance to help out those who are left behind after they have passed. It's also vital for people with financial dependents to have this coverage, but it's useful for anyone. There are a couple of types of life insurance options that you should know about before making your decision about which kind to get. All life insurance policies have a death benefit that is paid to the designated beneficiaries when the policyholder dies. However, there are many differences in how different types of policies work. To get your life insurance in Central Texas, contact Trevino Insurance Services of Boerne, TX to learn more.

Term Life Insurance

One of the main types of coverage is called term life. It's a type of policy set up for specific months or years. This is the term that the policy is named after. This is the period in which the policy is active. Once the end date comes, this type of policy expires, and you are no longer covered. The tradeoff is that these policies go for relatively low amounts. They're much less expensive than the other types of life insurance. This makes this type of policy more affordable to families on a budget.

Whole Life Insurance

With a whole life policy, you never have to worry about it expiring. It stays good for as long as you want to keep it. The price is higher, but you won't have to get a new policy later. These policies also build up an amount that policyholders can borrow against. This is called the policy's cash value. You can borrow this amount to help the situation if you have financial trouble. This gives a lot of policyholders peace of mind.

Get Life Insurance at Trevino Insurance Services

If you're in Central Texas, don't have a policy yet, or want extra coverage, call us at Trevino Insurance Services in Boerne, TX.

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