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Texas Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Umbrella Insurance in Texas

Knowing if you have enough insurance can be confusing when so many policies come with different amounts of specific coverage types. A home insurance policy, for instance, will have many different types of coverage with different amounts for each. If you aren't sure you have enough of all the types you need, you may want to get an umbrella policy to supplement your needs. This type of policy works alongside the auto and home policies already in place. It adds to a specific coverage type to better protect you against accidents.

Liability Coverage

Your home and your auto policies both have some coverage in them for liability. This is coverage you need in case of accidents that could be considered your fault. These accidents can occur with your vehicle. They also can cover injuries and accidents at home.

When you're at fault for the injuries someone else gets in an accident; you need plenty of liability coverage to pay for the medical bills and other costs. However, home and auto policies often don't have much of these. When a serious accident happens, and there are a lot of medical bills, liability coverage may not be enough. That's where an umbrella policy comes in. This is a policy that adds to both of your other policies so that you have additional liability coverage.

Coverage for Serious Accidents

Many people get the minimum amount of coverage that they have to have, and this often won't pay for an expensive accident. With an umbrella policy, the maximum payout is extremely high. And all of that coverage comes at a low price. Even a costly accident with multiple injuries can be paid for with so much umbrella coverage.

Get Umbrella Insurance at Trevino Insurance Services

If you want more liability protection in Texas, the agents at Trevino Insurance Services of Boerne, TX can help. Contact us at Trevino Insurance Services of Boerne, TX if you need umbrella insurance or a quote.

  • Aegis
  • AIG
  • Allstate
  • American Bankers- Flood
  • American Modern
  • American Reliable
  • AmTrust
  • Aon Edge/Assurant Flood
  • Argenia
  • Assurity
  • Atlantic Casualty
  • Banner
  • BCBS
  • Bristol West
  • BTIS
  • Burns & Wilcox
  • Century Surety

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